Theme Of Loyalty In Antigone

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When an individual is considered loyal, they are most likely someone who is faithful to a person, cause, or state. During Antigone, a drama written by Sophocles, the protagonist named Antigone makes many actions that reveal how she fits the description of being loyal. At the beginning of the play, Antigone 's loyalty is revealed through her ability to stick to her beliefs about her late brother while knowing the possible punishments and effect of her actions, although others think differently. She obeys both the law and her family by admitting to the crime she committed without any denial. Lastly, Antigone accepts the harsh consequences of her actions which reveals how she adheres to the rules and stands up for her relatives. Through Antigone …show more content…
The sentry had just brought Antigone to Creon in order to let him know that he had caught her breaking Creon’s edict and also to prove that he actually was not the one who committed the crime. When Creon asks her if this is true, she does not try to cover her actions up. Antigone admitted, "’I did. I deny not a thing.’" (Roche 209). This piece of the text exposes the fact that Antigone is not afraid to let people know that she is still sticking up for her brother in despite of Creon’s declaration. Also, Antigone is respecting the law in this quote through actually confessing to what she did without any hesitation. The tone of this piece of the text is confident which unveils how Antigone is not afraid to admit that she buried her brother, and rather takes pride in it. Antigone’s words, “I deny not a thing,” prove how the author is developing both her character and the theme by letting the audience know that she is loyal to the state as well as her family through how she was able to be honest, which also displays the integrity of her character. Antigone 's obedience to both the state and her family are revealed in this quote because although she broke Creon 's law, she immediately told the truth about how she indeed buried her brother. If she was not worthy of being considered loyal then she would have tried to deny what she was being accused of. Sophocles uses the character of Antigone in order to develop the play’s theme of loyalty because her honesty about her actions illustrates her loyalty to both Thebes and her family at the same

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