Theme Of Love In Hamlet

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Harsh Trivedi

Essay 3

Select and argue the presence of one theme concerning the concept of “love” found in the play. Develop a response with three to four supporting references that proves your argument.

In the play Hamlet William Shakespeare, has love as his most powerful theme along with revenge, madness and betrayal. The play demonstrates love and relationship at a very prominent stage but, all that we see is a secondary plot of the play. In the play revenge and love is the most important part that includes Hamlet and other characters. In the play, there are several relationships to understand where Hamlet being the protagonist there are Ophelia, the love of Hamlet, Horatio who is friend of Hamlet and Hamlet’s mother the queen who married
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At the beginning of the play, when Hamlet decided to pretend, he pretends that he does not love Ophelia, he rejects, and insults her in a way and becomes a victim of his plot. This act of Hamlet means that there was love for Ophelia before Hamlet finds out about the murder of his father. Hamlet in the play trust and loves his family to a certain extent which we know when he trusts his friend Horatio to find out that it was his uncle and now king who murdered his father. Hamlet’s trust is betrayed when his mother weeks after the murder of her husband and king married his uncle Claudius. Hamlet love for Ophelia come to a question when Hamlet does think of killing himself when he speaks to himself “to be or to be” (Act 3 scene 1 64, hamlet) before visiting his mother, queen Gertrude. Hamlet knew that his plan of revenge could led his life in danger and could die. Hamlet pretends not to love Ophelia and hurts her feelings as he knew that if he dies in taking revenge and Ophelia being upset would not be hurt as much as she would, which shows that Hamlet wants to protect his love and had feelings for her. However, there is significant evidence that Hamlet did love her, as in (Act 4, Scene 1, Hamlet) in which Hamlet proclaims “What the fair Ophelia! I love Ophelia. Forty thousand brothers could not with all their love, make up my sum. …show more content…
Hamlet kills Polonius in the chamber of his mother Gertrude when Hamlet finds out that he was spying on him and his mother. Hamlet is sentenced to death by his stepfather in case of murder of Polonius and hands him to Hamlets friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to take him to England but, Hamlet finds out a strategy to kill his friends instead. Ophelia being hurt by the act of Hamlet and her father’s murder by Hamlet drowns herself. Ophelia’s brother Laertes comes back and vows to punish Hamlet himself. Later in the play Laertes and Claudius plans to kill Hamlet in a sword fight however, during the sword fight Laertes cuts Hamlet with a poisoned sword and continuing the fight he drops the sword. Hamlet took the advantage and took Laertes sword and cuts him as well. Before Laertes dies with the cut of poisoned sword he tells Hamlet that he will die as well as he is also cut with the same sword. meanwhile when queen sees Hamlet winning she drinks poisoned wine presented by Claudius which was actually for Hamlet. When Laertes was dying he also said Hamlet that King Claudius is the reason of queen’s death. Hamlet with anger and vendetta goes and stabs king and pours last drops of wine to his

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