Theme Of Love And Marriage Essay

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Gwendolen and Cecily help to develop the theme of love and marriage through their similarities, such as peers who control relationships, the obsession with the name of Ernest, and the persistent attitude. But the women’s differences help to strengthen the theme by Gwendolen’s artificial personality and her complexity, compared to Cecily’s simplicity and straightforward personality. Oscar Wilde uses both Gwendolen and Cecily to build the theme of love and marriage to show whether marriage is something of personal pleasure or if it is an undeclared social responsibility to hold a social class, and if love is something true or an offshoot of romance. Gwendolen contributes to the theme primarily through her superficial obsession with the name Ernest. She has a devout love for Jack when she knows him by Ernest. When he tries to mention that his name might not be Ernest she shows her dislike for anything, but Ernest. This becomes tied to the theme by her only loving Jack for his name, and nothing else. She is only concerned with the small physical things in life such as a name. Gwendolen losses her “love” for Jack when she finds out that he has been deceiving her with his name. When Jack was asked why was lying about his name Gwendolen felt the excuse to be with her was sufficient. This shows the shallowness that the characters have. Gwendolen’s controlling peers play a part in her view of marriage by when she wishes to get engaged to Jack. Lady Bracknell questions Jack to see…

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