Of Mice And Men Crooks Loneliness

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Many of the characters in the the novella Of Mice and Men share a feeling of unwanted loneliness. The characters do not want to be left alone with themselves or left behind by society because… . In the novella, Steinbeck illustrates the loneliness of ranch life in the early 1930’s and how everyone is driven to escape loneliness. Steinbeck does this through the emotions and actions of the characters in the novella. The omnipresent emotion felt by Crooks and Curley’s wife as well as Lennie and George is loneliness, and while literal is also profoundly existential and symbolic, showing that everyone needs a companion, John Steinbeck, portrays through his characters. Crooks, the African-American stable buck who has a crooked back, is the loneliest character in Of Mice and Men. Crooks is greatly discriminated against for not only the color of his skin, but also his disability. His name, Crooks in itself originated from people discriminating against him because it is referring to his crooked back. Since Crooks is an African American living in in the early 1900’s there is still a prejudice against blacks, therefore the other people on the ranch isolate him. They do not talk or let Crooks join in on their games, and keep him in his own living quarters all due to the color of his skin. Lennie’s brief interaction with Crooks reveals the how loneliness has made Crooks Wbecause Lennie , so when Lennie went …show more content…
The characters show that a life without companionship and friends is a lonely world, this is demonstrated through the relationship between Lennie and George. As when George kills Lennie, his hope of companionship dies with Lennie and he will now have to go through life alone. The loneliness that the characters feel and how it is portrayed is a symbol in the novel of how sad life would be

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