Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close Loss Essay

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Everybody in the human race always asks the question at some point, why do bad things happen to good people? Bad things in life occur to remind us that we are human. Everybody in their lives will experience loss one way or another. Loss isn’t a good thing but it makes us take pride in the value of a single life. One day it will all come to an end, that is the primitive law of life. Things are taken and given in life, rejoice when it’s given and grieve when it’s taken. At some point one must move forward from what was taken, or they will live the rest of their life taking for granted what is given to them. The novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is told through three central characters who all experience a tragic loss in their lives.
Chronologically, Oskar’s grandfather and
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“but I couldn’t finish the sentence, her name wouldn’t come, I tried again, it wouldn’t come, she was locked inside me, how strange, I thought” page 16. Her name was trapped inside Thomas and he couldn’t ever speak her name again. It was the first word he lost because it was the word that meant the most to him. Thomas couldn’t move past his loss and it took a toll on him. He couldn’t find a reason to live, and thought little of himself. “ “I” was the last word I was able to speak aloud” page 17. If the first word he lost was Anna because it meant the most, and “I” was the last word then Thomas does not care about his life at all. He lost all his other words even words like dirt, scum, or lonely before he lost I. He considers dirt is more important to him than his life. Oskar’s grandparents were both living their lives but not actually living. They were ghosts until they found each other. Oskar’s grandmother moved on from her loss of her sister by loving Thomas even though she knew he could never love her like he loved Anna ( ). She started to feel a hole in her heart, and she knew the only way to fill it was to have a child. Thomas tried to move on but he didn’t

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