Character Analysis: The Glass Menagerie

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Why Tom is Unhappy and, Eventually, Leaves In The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, a young man named Tom Wingfield leaves his family to pursue a more fulfilling life. Tom’s leaving is based on three major factors within his life: the mundane routine of a job he dislikes, his mother’s constant nagging towards everything he does, and the severe lack of excitement. Following in his father’s footsteps, the departure is selfish and for the most part unsuccessful. While he does escape the humdrum of his everyday life, he doesn’t consider the effect his absence has on his family. After he leaves, Tom travels the country, and only stops to think about his family when he feels his sister’s hand upon his shoulder. He knows that his family is struggling, but he wishes to forget. First, Tom’s mother Amanda, incessantly criticizes Tom. From his reading material to the way he eats, she’s always nagging,“I won’t allow such filth brought into my house” to which Tom replies with “who pays rent” and “who makes a slave of himself to-”(3. Amanda and Tom).
The constant arguments almost always
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In this story, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” reigns true and can cause many to believe Tom is a no good runaway like his father. However, once all of the factors within his life are broken down, it is clear that Tom did have many unsatisfactory points that drove him out. While all of these causes are unfortunate, many of them could have been prevented with communication and open-mindedness. His mother was quick to shut down Tom’s hopes and dreams, but never quick to praise him on any of them. Consequently, Tom usually reacted harshly causing disputes to become more heated. As far as his job, it may have not been exciting; however, it seemed as though Tom didn’t try to excel at his job, or even become friendly with his

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