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The usage of the right type of language is extremely crucial when used in a writing. If used correctly, it sets the mood of the storyline, it causes readers to get lost into the pages of the writing. Language is an extremely powerful weapon authors use to get into a readers mind. Like so, Yann Martel, the author of “Life of Pi” uses a beautiful form of language to tell us about Pi’s journey to survive alongside Bengali a tiger in the Pacific Ocean. The theme of this story is that Man’s inner evil, although buried deep within, often surfaces in moments of desperation.
Martel uses allusion to show how Pi relates his believes to connect it to his behavior. When Pi killed an animal, “ [he] wept heartily over this poor little deceased soul. It was
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Pi prioritised water and food. He knew that he needed to be hydrated in order to survive the harshness of the ocean. There was a point when Pi was so thirsty, “it was enough to make [him] go raving mad. [he has] never felt a worse physical hell and pasty feeling in the mouth…. Truly, by comparison a tiger was nothing. And so I pushed all thoughts of Richard Parker and went exploring for water(135) Pi had only spent a couple days in the ocean. He was living in fear of becoming the tiger’s prey. He didn’t think he was capable of fighting the tiger so he kept his distance. However, the power of thirst was bigger that the fear of the tiger. Pi wanted to survive. Water is a symbol of life. Pi thought that getting water was more important that the mighty beast present alongside him in the lifeboat. He stopped fearing Richard Parker to quench his thirst. Pi knew that if he wanted to get to land alive, he had to find a way to show Richard Parker that he was in charge. In order to do so, Pi used a whistle and “stared him aggressively in the eyes and [he] blew on the whistle a few times. He disappeared under the tarpaulin” (188) Pi understood that having Richard Parker under his control was his only hope of surviving. He blew on a whistle which seemed to scare Richard Parker. The whistle is a symbol of power. When Pi was in India, he feared the tiger. He didn’t go close to him. However, in the boat Pi couldn’t be scared of Richard …show more content…
When Pi was attempting to kill a turtle, stabbed the it “as conconfindently as if [he] had done it a thousand times” (201)Although this was Pi’s first time attempting to kill a turtle, he killed it as thought he had been doing this for ages. Pi had shed tears of guitlyness as he killed his first animal. However, when killing this turtle, he didn’t hesitate for even an second. His hunger overpowered his love for animals. Killing animals had become a necessity for Pi. It was a daily routine for him. All he cared about was food. It didn’t matter “ what was before [him]. ….It came as an unmistakable indication [him] of how low [he] had sunk the day [he] noticed, with a pinching of the heart, that [he] ate like an animal, that this noisy,frantically chewing wolfing down of [his] was exactly the way Richard Parker ate.” (225) Pi realizes that he is slowly adapting Richard Parkers behaviors. This for him, was a very low point which he over exaggerates and claims that he has sunk very low in doing this. Pi was taught to stay away from Richard Parker all his life, he was told that the tiger was an evil creature that was not to be trusted. In the ocean, Pi is slowly acting the way Richard Parker does. He was turning into an

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