Theme Of Justice In Till We Have Faces

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Justice: an ethic that has been one of the fundamental aspects of "good" since the word itself was defined. What justice entails, however, has always been left to question. Determining the answer has fallen into the hands of the leaders of both secular and religious communities, although the conclusions drawn out by the two often contradict each other. In Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis, Orual 's reasoning stands against the gods ' in what she believes to be an injustice. During the duration of the novel the two assessments are developed and contrasted, and in the end one is clearly a more accurate representation of justice. C.S. Lewis shows his beliefs concerning human 's judgement of what justice is through Orual 's relationship with it in his novel Till We Have Faces. Although misinterpreted in the beginning of the novel, Orual comes to have a …show more content…
Till We Have Faces is no exception. Through Orual 's story, C.S. Lewis shows that human 's judgement of justice is inferior to God 's own. Orual remains angry with the gods during the duration of the first book, her judgement clouded by irrational jealousy and grief. In contrast, the gods are able to view the situation more clearly, and as a result, are able to evaluate the situation more accurately. Lewis connects Orual and the readers, describing Orual 's logic in a way that the audience both understands and sympathizes with. Playing on this parallel, Orual 's final feelings that are found in the second book cause readers to question aspects concerning their own personal lives. As Orual adamantly believes the wrong thing due to a seemingly logical process, the audience is forced to reevaluate their situations as they are exposed to one of the flaws in human nature: the bias that is the result of emotion. Lewis shows human judgement to be more easily swayed by sentiment and therefore less credible, making God 's relatively neutral judgement

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