Similarities Between The Crucible And The Witch's Trinity

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The witch trials were a menacing time in history and it really brought out the worst in people, which in result tore society apart. Along with the trials of the accused came problems in society such as intolerance of communities, deception of people, and hysteria that affected individuals and the societies as a whole. These themes are expressed in both The Witch 's Trinity and in The Crucible. The Witch’s Trinity tells the tale of an old woman named Güde and her life living through trails of accused witches. Gude watches her friends, family and even herself stand trial being accused as a witch. The Crucible tells the story of Salem and the beginning of accused witches. There is a lot of similarities between these two novels and they have quite a few similar themes that are expressed. One strong connection between The Crucible and The Witch’s Trinity is the theme of intolerance. During the time when innocent people were …show more content…
Intolerance is shown in both novels through people of the town who become unwilling to accept the fact that people such as Künne and John Proctor are innocent. Along with intolerance, deceit is also shown, characters in both novels had shared and spread ideas and thoughts about the accused as well as other things that led to most townspeople to believe the false information. Finally, hysteria is a major theme demonstrated in both of the novels as well. All of the chaos of the trials and the accused caused large amounts of frantic irrational actions which in return made the problem even worse. Since the witch trials were such a catastrophe in society it brought out the worst in people but after it blew over it brought people back together stronger than

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