Essay about Theme Of Innocence Throughout The Novel ' Tess Of The D '

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In ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’ Hardy presents the theme of innocence throughout the novel. This theme is directly linked to the character of Tess, and her loss of innocence, during the novel. Because of the pastoral genre, we expect as an audience for a loss of innocence to be a feature in the novel, which means Hardy presents this innocence as being dangerous and desirable.
When we first see Tess, she is depicted as a girl of innocence, in her ‘white muslin’, as white has connotations of innocence and purity. However her ‘red ribbon’ makes her stand out from the other maids, she travels with. The red ribbon is juxtaposed by the rest of her outfit, and so this could be seen as a symbol for the danger Tess places herself in by, attempting to appear different to these women; and possibly comes across less innocent and virginal. Angel Clare does not take note of this straight away, like Alec. It is not until, their second meeting that Angel finds Tess to be desirable.
When Angel Clare reunites with Tess, at ‘Talbothays Dairy’, the first aspect he observes about her is her ‘fluty’ voice. He observes this about her, when hearing her whistle a tune. This could make Angel b seen as a pan-like figure in the novel, who is a danger to Tess as he finds her innocence desirable. After physically seeing her for a second time, he claims her to be a ‘fresh and virginal daughter of nature’, for the reason of her natural, yet innocent appearance.
This apparent innocence, makes her…

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