Theme Of Inequality In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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Inequality is a state inescapable in the living race. Despite a government producing laws banning discrimination against gender, one will naturally feel more superior to the other. Amy Tan 's The Joy Luck Club recalls the hardships of four Chinese mothers and their Chinese-American daughters. From miscarriages to remarriages, Amy Tan includes stories that reveal the inequality and oppression some of the mothers face. One mother, Lindo Jong, is a member of the Joy Luck Club who personally experiences the most oppression as a woman in China, while her daughter Waverly is not oppressed. According to most dictionaries, oppression means receiving prolonged treatment or control that is unjust and cruel. More specifically, women in China faced far …show more content…
Lindo wants her daughter to have the freedom of an American, but the etiquette of a Chinese. Thus, Lindo is engulfed in happiness when her daughter becomes a child prodigy in chess, winning tournaments and receiving prizes that Lindo can show off. On the other hand, Waverly thinks her mother is using her. She says to her, “‘Why do you have to use me to show off?” (51). In Waverly’s nine-year-old mine, she feels Lindo is oppressing her by pressuring her to win, when in reality, Lindo simply wants her daughter to have the American lifestyle she could not. Waverly also has a luxury Lindo could never have thought about during her years in China: the luxury of marrying someone she loves. On top of this, Waverly has a daughter she feels is perfect and loves her wholeheartedly, “Because Shoshana really was a miracle. She was perfect. I found every detail about her to be remarkable” (97).Waverly originally wanted an abortion but is now glad she never followed through. Just like her mother, Waverly’s first marriage is unsuccessful, but the difference is how easily she walks away from it. Waverly’s childhood is full of her mother pressuring her to be successful and live peacefully, whereas Lindo’s is full of oppression and

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