Theme Of Identity In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

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The Flight to Freedom
To be able to fly you have to drop all things that weigh you down. You have to leave vanity, and pride behind. Toni Morrison’s characters display the racial and gender pressures that were placed onto the black community in the past. In her novel Song of Solomon Toni Morrison uses the characters Milkman to express that by forsaking your history to integrate into a different culture, you risk ostracization from your community old and new. The only way to become fulfilled is through embracing your identity.
Milkman’s family is the epitome of white values. In the beginning of the book you could mistakenly believe you are following the perspective of a white family. Macon Dead uses his family as props to improve his imagine and reputation. Macon Dead II is a property owner, a vehicle owner, and is
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Shalimar reminds Milkman of his own failings, just as the flying African left Ryna, his abandonment of Hagar was the cause of her death. Just as Pilate carried the bones of what turned out to be her father, must keep it with him as a reminder. Milkman’s journey of self identity came to an end when he learned of his families’ mistakes and flaws but their strengths as well. To discover our own identity, we must reveal what has been hidden in our past (Gay 72). Through the knowledge, Milkman gained he freed himself from the endless pursuit of acceptance because he knew “…if you surrendered to the air, you could ride it.”(Morrison 337) and with the circle of flight finished, Milkman flew just like the flying African. This freeing act lifted the burden of racial and family expectations (Zhao 593). Milkman no longer felt pressured by his father to take over the family property owner business, nor felt coerced by racial prejudice into. Through Milkman’s flight Morrison highlights that acceptance of yourself and your past allows you to embrace life

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