Theme Of I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

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Maya Angelou, in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, tells her story of how and when she grew up. Maya found acceptance in her life through trial and tribulation. Maya main theme is accepting yourself and how much she dislike the racism in the world. Maya says that we are all the same, nobody should be treated more than the other. Maya also have many people coming in and out of her life. In the book various amount of characters are talked about but some aren 't as important.
The title of the book, “I know why the Caged Bird Sings” comes from the book came from a poem called “Sympathy”, by Paul Laurence. In the poem it says, "When he beats his bars and he would be free. It is plea, that upward to Heaven he flings. I know why the caged bird sings!" According to Edward, the title “Caged Birds”, says if you’re in a cage you don’t have freedom like others. Maya thinks she doesn’t have the freedom like the whites.
The main character is Marguerite Johnson,F also known as “Maya” in the book or even in person. Maya doesn’t like herself. She wishes to be white because she doesn’t like to be black. Maya wore a big puffy Easter dress to church that she didn 't like at all. The dress shows that not all beauty has to come from white people, Maya thought if she put on the dress that she would turn from an ugly black person to a beautiful white girl.
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Bailey would protect and cheer on Maya during the worst times. Maya thinks Bailey got all the good looks. Maya looks up to Bailey, Maya even called Bailey her "Kingdom Come", for example on page 78 in the book. Maya keeps no secrets from her brother, she truly trust her brother more than anybody in the book. Bailey serves as Maya’s protector also. When Maya is raped by Mr. Freeman, Bailey is the only person that know and the only person that Maya will talk to. Bailey is so upset at the news that he actually cries according to page 104 in the

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