Compare And Contrast Santiago In The Old Man And The Sea

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Hook: The definition of a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities (“Hero”). B. Link: In The Old Man and the Sea, Santiago encounters many challenging events in which he overcomes. Through his accomplishments, Santiago’s actions display a man who is courageous, determined, and humble. On the other hand, there is Henry Fleming who enlisted in the war to become a hero, but by the end of The Red Badge of Courage, Henry remains a coward. C. Thesis: Henry Fleming sees himself as a courageous young man, yet he does not demonstrate characteristics of a hero; Santiago, however, does not consider himself a hero, yet is truly a hero.
II. Body A. First Topic Sentence: Throughout The Old
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5. Overall, Henry longed to be known as a hero and eventually thought of himself as a hero because of his achievements in battle. C. Third Topic Sentence: Even though Santiago does not acknowledge himself as a hero, it is evident that he shows many characteristics of a heroic leader. 1. In the Old Man and the Sea, Santiago is determined to be a great fisherman and he doesn’t let his fears get in the way. 2. For example, Santiago thought about how other fisherman fear not being able to see land in a small boat during hurricane season, but being alone didn’t scare him (Hemingway 60-61). 3. Santiago was content with being out at sea alone, but he still wished for his young friend Manolin to be with him. 4. Santiago was given heroic proportions and was powerful in his trade. He never gave up against the marlin or the shark. Against the shark he says, “fight them until I die” (Burhans). 5. For three days santiago was at battle with the fish of the sea enduring physical discomfort from lack of sleep, sitting in the beating sun all day, his hands cramping, etc. But despite his old age and the pain he endured, Santiago continued to fight through his hardships in order to get the …show more content…
Fourth topic sentence: Even though Henry Fleming viewed himself as a hero, throughout the book, he did not demonstrate qualities of a hero. 1. Instead Henry exhibited cowardice, lied to his comrades, and ignored those in need around him. 2. For example, during battle, Henry ran away like coward. “He too, threw down his gun and fled. There was no shame in his face. He ran like a rabbit” (Crane 39). 3. Then towards the middle of the book, Henry encounters a tattered man who needs a friend to talk to and is in great pain from the wounds on his body. Eventually, Henry abandons the tattered man for his own good (Crane 59-66). 4. Then on Henry’s way back to the regiment, he gets hit by one of his fellow soldiers riffle and the “loud soldier” thinks that he has been shot in battle. Wilson admires Henry as a fighter and says his wound and says that is a “badge of courage” (Smith). 5. During his conversation with Wilson, Henry does not acknowledge how he actually got the wound. Instead he lies to the “loud soldier” to show that he received a “badge of courage.”
III. Conclusion A. Santiago endured many characteristics of a hero, but did not acknowledge

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