Theme Of Flight In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Chapters 1-5 as Jem I did something I never thought I would ever do. Being the guy I am, I never turn down a dare. Dill is here for the summer, as usual, and he dared me to "just go up and touch the house." (18) So what did I do? I went up and touched the Radley house. Surprisingly, I am glad that I did that because it gives me a sense of pride. I bet not many people have the guts to touch that house. After Dill left in September, it was time for school. Just as I had expected, my little sister embarrassed me at school, even when I told her to leave me alone. She beat up poor little Walter Cunningham. I had to do the right thing and invite him over to eat with us, he doesn 't get to see food on the table every day like us. However, at the …show more content…
I really thought Atticus had this since all of his statements were strong. I was just so sure that he would win! I even told Reverend Sykes, "He 's not supposed to lean, Reverend, but don 't fret, we 've won it." (279) I just can 't believe that after hearing everything we heard, the jury went against Atticus and Tom Robinson. I left the place so angry. I just don 't understand how people could do that, it 's so wrong. I couldn 't help but cry walking out because it is just so unfair. Why did they have to give Tom a death sentence? They don 't even have enough proof to kill a man so they could have just put him in jail for years. I was just feeling so angry, and to make things worse, Bob Ewell spit on Atticus 's face and threatened him. I 'm scared for him and I don 't want anything bad to happen to him. However, Atticus said, "Nobody has much chance to be furtive in Maycomb" (293) This took away my fear. Atticus was right, there wasn 't anything to worry about and Bob Ewell just had to take it out on someone. Also, I wish Scout knew what i was trying to tell her about the different types of people in Maycomb. She thinks there is only one type of person, but there can 't be because people hate each other and don 't get along. Honestly, I don 't want to be around those people. "I think i 'm beginning to understand why Boo Radley 's stayed shut up in the house all this time… it 's because he wants to stay inside." (304) He …show more content…
It really didn 't make much sense to me that Miss Gates really hates Hitler. I asked Jem about it and said to him, "Jem, how can you hate Hitler so bad an ' then turn around and be ugly about folks right at home?" (331) Of course Jem shocked me by yelling at me to never speak of the courtroom again, but I still don 't get it. Miss Gates is being a hypocrite by saying it 's wrong that Hitler is prejudice towards the Jews, yet she was being prejudice toward Tom Robinson at the trial. In the month of October, for Halloween the town decided to have a celebration at the high school. It was fun because of the cool and interesting stands such as the dark classroom and the apple bobbing that I really wanted to try. I had a part in the Pageant as a ham. I was so excited to play a ham and my costume was so creative. However, I dozed off and missed my cue to go on stage so I was a little too late. I was just so embarrassed and Mrs. Merriweather made me feel so terrible because I ruined the Pageant.. When Jem and I were walking home afterwards, we got attacked by someone. I was crushed in my ham costume and I heard Jem scream, which I later found was because his arm had snapped the opposite way. I heard the attacker stumble and breathe heavily. Jem was knocked out and I thought he was dead when some strange man carried him home to Atticus. When we were all sitting around

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