Fear And Horror In Tell Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

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Fear and Horror Fills the Room

Is death escapable? In these two stories death is the result of two different circumstances that don’t appear possible. The first story talks about an old mans irritation and how his actions play out against his own roommate. A vulture eye is what sparks the irritation in the narrator and what ultimately makes the narrator guilty of murder. On the other hand, in the second story, an illness that seems to be taking over the country destroys people inside a room that didn’t see it coming. Everyone is “hiding” from death behind the walls of what they think is a safe castle. The people inside are left to find out that no one is safe anywhere. Throughout the “Masque of the Red Death” and the “Tell Tale Heart” Poe
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In the “Tell Tale Heart” where the narrator is annoyed by the mans eye, the ending is not for scene. With the narrator hiding the dead man under the floorboards there begins a mysterious noise. A noise that neither the narrator nor the man have heard before. Perhaps because it is the mans beating heart under the floorboard: “It was a low, dull quick sound-much such a sound as a watch makes when enveloped in cotton” (Poe 306). While the narrator was hearing this sound, he was also talking with the investigators about where this old man has gone. The low muffed sound began to get louder and louder as the narrator began to talk louder and louder to cover it up. Again, louder and louder the people in the house could hear the tick tock. But the man was dead? How could his heart still be beating? Suspense grows throughout the repetitive noise and questions are brought about on where the noise is coming from. With the tick tock noise in the “Tell Tale Heart” then came a different noise entering the room in “The Masque of the Red Death.” People standing around having a party hiding from the so called disease and then a “stranger” walks in the room. This was not a stranger new to the room but this man was a stranger new to the whole party. How did he get there if the walls are sealed shut and no one is allowed in or out? Strangers don’t just show up to parties especially when no one has seen them before ever inside the locked castle walls: “His vesture was dabbled in blood – and his broad brow, with all the features of the face, was besprinkled with the scarlet horror” (Poe). He was no longer a stranger to the people but he was now a sign that you can’t escape death no matter where you are. Suspense builds up among the people and it is just a matter of time before everyone has a meeting with the stranger face the death. With the tick tock in the first story and the stranger appearing in

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