Theme Of Faith And Faith In The Crucible

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The Crucible, by Arthur Miller displays many themes throughout the play. Faith and truth is one of the play’s most intriguing theme throughout the whole play but also hard to perceive. The meaning of faith and truth can be interpreted in different ways and depending on people 's beliefs it could mean something different for each individual . Differentiating on what Arthur Miller is saying about this two terms and what the characters of the play make it ought to be can be hard, but not impossible. What is truth? The definitions of truth according to the Merriam-Webster is a “statement or idea that is true or accepted as true”. In The Crucible the meaning of the truth has a very corrupted meaning. Truth in The Crucible is not based on facts or concrete evidence but by the reputation or position that the person holds, like Abigail.
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Each line and each one of the characters reveals and hints to the reader of this theme. Which could be considered one of the best themes represented in the book. Arthur Miller did an outstanding job on hiding yet showing this theme to the reader without giving it completely away. Still giving the reader imagery, symbolism and the diction to understand what he is trying to say about truth and faith. He knew that people would have different perspectives and beliefs about these two terms, he also knew that it would cause a lot of problems and it would cause a lot of controversy and it might seem like a bad thing to do when it comes to talking about religion but that did not stop him. Between Arthur Miller and the characters of the book you can get an excellent idea of what they suppose truth and faith really are. Some think they’re words of wisdom like “always tell the truth” and “never lose faith”. Others view them just as words that have no real meaning, so you’ll just have to choose for yourself and think what do those words really

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