The Fairies In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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There are four worlds that combine to make the amazing story that is William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Each one brings a new aspect of and an air of magic. They all are able to be their own stories, but together create a masterpiece that has survived throughout the years. By way of love, magic, and the fairies is how they all combine. Dr. James Olson once said that “Mixing sprites and lovers, fantasy and reality, William Shakespeare’s work is truly A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”1

The fairies are a major part of the play. “The fairies’ mischief is responsible for the fickle shifts of attraction among the young people in the forest and their resultant suffering.” The fairies are always mean and cruel to each other, they like to
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She has acquired boy changeling from India and King Oberon wants him. The king uses the love flower’s magic on her when she is sleeping. She wakes up to find Bottom, who is one of the actors. Bottom now has the head of a donkey thanks to Puck.8 The flower’s magic has made Titania fall in love with Bottom. These two are the people who have the best connection between the two worlds in the story. This is because the love that Titania has for Bottom is from a magical flower, so the love is not real. Someone had once said, “Titania love is addressed to a hearer who uses it simply as the occasion for a bit of cheerful …show more content…
The four themes are the two sets of lovers, the upcoming wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta, the play rehearsals and performance of the actors, and the battle between Oberon and Titiana. They all combine together throughout the whole story. The four plots merge the most at the end of the last two acts when the following happens: the lovers pair off, Theseus and Hippolyta get married, the actors have perform their play, and the fairy king and queen reconcile with one another.26 All of the plots have their own individual themes in them, but there are two continuous themes through the whole story. These two themes are that love can make a fool out of anyone, and that love is crazy and mad.27 Love can make people do crazy things, which is shown in the story when the flower makes Titania fall in love with Bottom, even after Puck changed his head into that of a donkey. The story also has paradoxes throughout it. It blends imaginative fancy with Athenian aristocracy, youthful rebellion, authoritarianism, magical, and the everyday.28 Each theme and paradox all combine into the major plots and they are all an efficient way of telling the story.

“The flower’s love magic symbolizes a vision of love as an irrational, unpredictable, and downright fickle force that completely overwhelms and transforms people, whether they want it to are not.”29 This is a true statement that is reflected throughout the whole play. Everyone is somehow affected

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