Theme Of Evidence In A Rose For Emily

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Evidence. This is the only valid solution to solving every murder mystery case. There is always a series of events that lead up to finding the answer to "Who did it?". "A Rose for Emily," an exhilarating tale written by William Faulkner, falls into this category. In this short story, it tells of a woman, Miss Emily Grierson, who refuses to accept change. Shortly after her father 's death and her love Homer Barron 's disappearance, she became reclusive. After 40 years of mystery and theories, Miss Emily died, and the people of the town finally put an end to all the talk. Behind the doors of her old, dusty home lie a not missing, but found Homer Barron. Throughout the story, a trail of evidence began to pile up. Faulkner presents a tale of horror with the use of foreshadowing; the gossip of the townspeople, Miss …show more content…
Many examples of this can are visible throughout the story. Each gives a subtle hint and contribute to the ending of the story. Paul Harris writes, "Faulkner 's story, on the other hand, is set up as an enigmatic tale that borders on a mystery; on the surface, the signs to read are the clues put there to induce the reader to the truth of the story," (Harris 171). In the story, Miss Emily asked the druggist for "arsenic" to "kill rats" (Faulkner 224). Her actions foreshadow a tale of horror because she bought a poison that could kill something large, to kill something as small as a rat. Foreshadowing through her actions can also be seen when she bought all of the men 's items. In the story, it says she bought "a men 's toilet set in silver, with the letters H.B. on each piece" and "a complete outfit of men 's clothing, including a nightshirt" (Faulkner 225). At the end of the tale, all of these items were found with Homer 's corpse. At the time, her actions did not seem mysterious, but, from information gathered later, now it can be told that her actions were

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