Theme Of Dishonesty In The Jungle

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In the book The Jungle“The Jungle” a bunch of crazy things happen. In this essay I am I’m going to be talking about dishonesty. The significance of the the title is also something I will be talking about. He talks about what he's referring to when he says”order”. I will also be talking about what he encounters throughout the book,also on how it is a representative of a cross section in chicago. Last i will be talking about what the significance of the quote “i aimed for the public's heart and hit it in the stomach”.I need to find out what the meaning of that quote is,and if it has something to do with the book.
They were dishonest because they didn't care about anyone else's opinion.They had no remorse for anyone else . In the beginning jurgis
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Everyone there is on their own and it is survival of the fittest. They have no one else there to help them out or at least jurgis does not after he loses all of his family.he was pretty much the man of the house so everything was done by him and now that they're gone it really is just him.There is a couple of metaphors in the book that have an effect on me . one of them is maria and she is walking across the street with all of her change. She is scared though because she doesn't want to get stuck in the mud, this has to do with capitalism. Another one was that they were told the house they were getting was huge and brand new. In all reality though when they got the house it was all trashed up and had more than one owner. That is an example of the american dream and how the house is supposed to be versus how it really …show more content…
He succeeded in doing it because then everyone realized how the meat packers and poor people really were and how they got treated. Everyone was very shocked and astonished by the book and how breathtaking it was. Just about everything that was said and explained in the book was very true it was all compared to the meat act of 1906 and how harsh the conditions were, and how poorly they were treating everyone. The world back then was not very good and will never be like that again.
In conclusion the book the jungle was a very good and outstanding book the things that were said and showed in the book had a lot of meaning to it. Upton sinclair did a really good job with this book, it showed me that life back then was not good at all and a lot of people suffered from it . social darwinism took a really big place in this book and is showed on how the people were treated. I highly recommend you to read this book it will not only have you speechless but it will make you re think on how life is

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