John Donne Death Be Not Proud Essay

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The treatment of death by John Donne and Emily Dickinsson. They 're poets of different century, for instance John is of the 1600 's and Emily is of 1800 's. Their poem correlates with personification and imagery of death. In constrast their tone is unlike, however they describe the personality of death in a very unique way. Giving the reader a chance to see the different ways athe poets see deaths approach.

" Death Be not Proud", By John Donne who takes a stand against death and confronts death lack of power. The first Stanza of the poem john addresses death character, as if death is human, but here is death being describe as a human in personification. " Death be not Proud,though some have called thee." " mighty and dreadfull, for, thou art not so " thee and thou is put in the form of you. The tone of John, is bold and critical,and above all, fearless. However he denounces death position of " mighty and dreadful", by saying, you are a
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John calls death a lowlife in stanza ten , whose fate is determined by calamity, and sick people, nevertheless "power comes from being able to control something." Here death is the one being controlled by other outside forces that have power over how and when death can do its work. He compares death to charms and drugs, in the same way, those things "make us sleepe as well." This is the imagery of death, its not permanently because John says, it is," a short sleep and when everyone wake, everyone will live eternity" after death, but for those who don 't know the other side, do not know that death will die,therefore death wil not exist in eternity.

"Because I Could not Stop for Death." by Emily dickinson, her poem pesonify death as a "HE." The second stanza " He kindly stopped for me." The third stanza give us an imagery of death riding in a carriage, and the carriage could only hold just her

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