Theme Of Cruelty In Game Of Thrones

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In Game of Thrones cruelty is the driving force that sets up the entire plot and drives the continuous shifting of alliances that is prevalent throughout the story. Without the very first act of cruelty Game of Thrones would be nothing more than a story about a man given the position of the hand to the king. Cruelty serves as the driving force of the entire story, it is the very driving force of the characters who seek political gain, and it serves as a motivation for who wish to have revenge.
The first act of pure cruelty that drives the plot is demonstrated in the Game of Thrones mythos is the murder of Prince Rhaegar’s son and the rape of Rhaegar’s daughter and wife from the hands of The Mountain the Rides. This event latter serves as Daenerys
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Arya Stark was practicing her swordsmanship with a peasant boy. Prince Joffrey saw this and accused the boy of harassing a proper lady and challenged the boy to a duel, his real sword against the boy’s wooden sword. Arya seeing this becomes enraged and sends her direwolf to attack Joffrey, injuring his arm. Joffrey goes to tell on Arya to his father King Robert. King Robert asks Arya’s sister Sansa what happened and she lies and says that Arya sent her wolf after Joffrey for no reason. King Robert orders the execution of Arya’s wolf, but Arya set it free, so they decide to kill Sansa’s wolf. Arya then finds out that Joffrey ordered the execution of the boy she was playing with. With this act of cruelty Arya vows revenge against Prince Joffrey and King Robert and Sansa vows hatred against her sister for killing her pet and her father for defending Arya and not her. The next act of revenge was between Cersei's brother Tyrion, a dwarf man, and Lady Stark, who accuses Tyrion of sending an assassin after her son. Lady Stark and a band of her soldiers captured the dwarf and imprisoned him in a cell that has no back so he could commit suicide by jumping off anytime he wanted to. Tyrion was also beaten by his prison guard, but he was able to persuade the man to send a message to Lady Stark pleading for the right of trial by combat. In exchange for sending the message, Tyrion promised the prison guard gold. Tyrion also promises his champion gold in exchange for fighting for him. Tyrion’s champion wins for Tyrion and like he promised Tyrion gave gold to both his tormenting guards and his champion. In this act of cruelty Lady Stark, even though the trial of combat cleared Tyrion’s name still vows to take her revenge on Tyrion and his family. Even though such cruelty was given to Tyrion he still repaid his debts, even to a man who had tortured him. The next act of cruelty for revenge is caused by Daenarys who burns a

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