Theme Of Conflict In The Handmaid's Tale

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Everyone reads books for different reasons, but not always does the book give the reader a different outlook on life. Margaret Atwood presents The Handmaid’s Tale with the purpose of telling a futuristic story that could still relates to the reader’s life. The Handmaid’s Tale includes different real life conflicts that helps the reader understand the book’s situation best. For example, common conflicts like person vs. person, individuals vs. society, and internal conflict are represented throughout the book. Margaret Atwood uses her childhood and views on feminism to tell a story about a woman coming to terms with what is assumed to be the right thing in society.
Margaret Atwood’s purpose to writing The Handmaid’s Tale goes hand in hand with
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In The Handmaid’s Tale there are many types of conflict. For example, the first type of conflict is individuals vs. society. There are many ways this conflict comes up throughout the book. For example, the way Moira strongly opposes and rebels against the new society she was forced into. To elaborate, “Moira was like an elevator with open sides. She made us dizzy. Already we were losing the taste for freedom, already we were finding these walls secure “ is how Moira was described when they were in the Red Center. Also, Offred shows signs of rebellion when she reads the ‘faith’ pillow, the magazines from the Commander, and the writing on the inside of the cupboard in her room. Once again Offred defies the rules not only when she meets secretly with Moira at the Red Center and later with the Commander but with Nick also. Plus, when Nick and Offred show their attraction for each other it shows signs of rebellion because their love is forbidden. Finally, a less obvious example of individual vs. society conflict is when Offred was offered to be impregnated by the doctor, because if she would had complied she would have been challenging the rules of society that were put in place. In addition to individual vs. society, the conflict of person vs. person presents itself in many ways. To elaborate, in Offred’s before life she deals with the tension between her husband at the time, Luke, and her mother. Offred’s mother dislikes Luke …show more content…
For example, some similarities would include how throughout the book there is a war going on and the feminist influences in the main character 's life. To elaborate, during Atwood’s childhood, Canada went through a time period where it had to recover from the wealth it sent to Britain during war (“Margaret Atwood”). In comparison this situation is similar to the book because in the book there is some sort of war going on in the country the characters are in. In addition to the war similarity there is the topic of feminism. Throughout Atwood’s childhood in Northern Canada, there was the idea that women were industrious and neither slow or weak (“Margaret Atwood”). This connects to the recurring theme of feminism in the book. Coupled with the similarities are the differences, which include where the book was set and the environment in the book. Margaret Atwood spent an influential part of her childhood in the the isolated wilderness of Northern Ontario, which is an inspiration for many of her other books (“Margaret Atwood”). However in The Handmaid’s Tale the setting is nothing like the wilderness but instead a house in a futuristic town and often talks about a modern setting in the before life.
Overall Margaret Atwood uses her childhood and views on feminism to tell a story about a woman coming to terms with what is assumed to be the right thing in society. Along with the inspiring

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