Theme Of Childhood In Margaret Atwood's Oryx And Crake

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Jimmy’s unusual childhood in the book Oryx and Crake In Margaret Atwood’s book, Oryx and Crake childhood plays an important role in the lives of all the characters. Talking about Jimmy, there are constant flashbacks to his childhood which explains how his childhood shaped his whole life. The story takes place in the future where Jimmy lives with his parents in a special compound isolated from the rest of the world. His father works at OrganInc Farms and is a major part of the Pigoon project (Atwood 22). The people who are part of this compound are very logical, smart and scientifically oriented. However, these intelligent people who work in the plant are in general emotionally distant, they do not share the special …show more content…
His mother thinks that it is a waste of time to try to explain anything to Jimmy. So, she walks away when Jimmy asks about disease and she is discouraged to explain what that is (Atwood 21). He notices this behaviour of her mother towards him and develops feelings of insecurity. He always tries to make his mother happy and tries to be like someone her mother would appreciate. However, his mother mostly ends up being irritated at him rather being happy. This attitude of his mother causes him to over think the ways that he can make her happy. His mother is very moody sometimes he has to make his own lunch. On the other hand, on some days, there is proper lunch waiting for him at the dinning table with his mother looking beautiful and happy and she even pays attention to him (Atwood 31). Jimmy knows that in order to make his mother happy it is mandatory to appreciate the things that she does for him. As a result of which he becomes insecure and confused child, who always need to make sure that people around are happy and appreciate …show more content…
Even when Ramona tries to be friend with him, he is not interested. His bound with his father becomes more loose as Jimmy thinks that he will be replaced by his father and Ramona’s own kids. This shows that Jimmy is emotionally unable and scared to attach to other people.
Moving on, he also encounters many problems at school because of his fascination of language. Despite of his rare talent which is mostly ignored unappreciated at school, he is advised to work hard in order to do better at intellectuals which is the only thing that matter in his world (Atwood 70). Although he is often ignored and left out at school, but sometimes he is successful in gaining attention from other students especially girls by imitating his parent’s arguments. Thus, he would do things just to seek attention and to be recognised among others but would feel guilty

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