Theme Of Corruption In Huckleberry Finn

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Everywhere around the world there are people being hateful towards one another. Everyday there are new crimes to be reported on the news of people dying or of laws being broken. As time goes by in present day life and in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, the bitter ways of people are demonstrated time and time again. People have been evil to one another for ages in many different ways. There are many murders, abuses, and frauds all around the world today. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, illustrates man 's cruelty to one another in many ways. Huckleberry Finn illustrates man 's cruelty to one another through murder. A man named Boggs comes galloping into town and creates a ruckus. Colonel Sherburn, a respected member …show more content…
While floating down the Mississippi river on the raft, Jim and Huck come upon a floating house. In that floating house, they find many things that they need and can use to help them on their journey. They steal women 's and men 's clothes, a lantern, knives, candles, old medicine, a bed-quilt, beeswax, buttons, fishhooks, a wooden leg, and many other things. Huck and Jim stole things that they believed the people wouldn 't ever come back for, however later when Huck and Tom steal things, they know that the things are needed and are going to be used. Huck and Tom steal things from Aunt Sally and Uncle Silas to aid them in Tom 's elaborate plan of stealing Jim. They steal things that are commonly used around the house such as a spoon, Uncle Silas ' shirt, some candlesticks, a sheet, and some food from the cellar. "Next day Tom stole a pewter spoon and a brass candlestick in the house, for to make some pens for Jim out of, and six tallow candles;" (247). Aunt Sally never catches on, although she does begin to think that Uncle Silas is taking some of the things. Earlier in the story the King and the Duke were stealing people 's money all the time. They steal people 's money by putting on fake plays, and by pretending to be the late Peter Wilks ' brothers. They assume the roles of Harvey and William Wilks to fool everyone and get the large sum of money left to the real brothers in Peter 's will. They almost get away with it, but end up with only a portion of the money from the plays when they are discovered to be frauds. Man 's cruelty to one another is demonstrated to one another through stealing in the

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