Theme Of Betrayal In The World On The Turtles Back

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The World on the Turtles Back

Betrayal can cause many emotional fallouts and baggage within relationships, betrayal is being disloyal to others and even to oneself. In the story, The World on the Turtles Back, betrayal is a huge factor in how the story plays out, as it is in the song The Letter by Kehlani. Three ways in which betrayal is portrayed in the story, and the song, is by the actions people take to one another, disconnections in relationships that lead to betrayal, and emotional baggage. The way people act toward each other can cause betrayal to play a huge role in their
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The right-handed twin feels betrayed by the relationship his grandmother and his brother have because his brother is the “bad” twin while he is the “good” twin. The text states, “And strangely enough, the grandmother favored the left twin (Iroquois 41),” because of this the right-handed brother is angered because as stated in the text, “The right-handed twin was the one who did everything just as he should. He said what he meant, and he meant what he said. He always told the truth and he always told the truth, and he always tried to accomplish what seemed to be right and reasonable,” “The left-handed twin never said what he meant or meant what he said. He always lied and he always did things backward. You could never tell what he was trying to do because he always made it look as if he were doing the opposite. He was the devious one. (Iroquois 41 & 42)”. Because of the relationship the left-handed twin and the grandmother have, the right-handed twin feels betrayed because he feels as if she is supporting devious behavior; In relation to this Kehlani feels betrayed by her mother over the relationship she didn’t have with her, “And if you weren’t gonna guide me, why bring me into the light?”. Kehlani feels betrayed because her mom wasn’t there to guide her, just like the grandmother wasn’t there to guide the right-handed brother which …show more content…
In the story, the right-handed brother carried the emotional baggage of his brother killing his mother, as stated in the text, “The right-handed twin was angry, and he grew more angry as he thought how his brother had killed their mother. (Iroquois 41)” The emotional baggage carried in this is depicted as a while back when the twins were born the left-handed twin killed his mother by being born through her armpit, and the right-handed twin carries that emotional baggage with him still after years because he feels as if his brother betrayed their mother by not being born naturally and thinks his brother doesn’t even feel guilty causing the right-handed brother to betray his brother by killing him. This baggage is also hinted at in Kehlani’s song in the way of the lyrics saying, “They told me I didn’t hurt you… Why do I feel like I turned you?”. The emotion of guilt is Kehlani saying she feels it is her fault that her mother wasn’t in her life like she should have been, and the guilt she feels is her being born prematurely because of her mom’s drug abuse. Both examples caused both the right-handed brother and Kehlani to have emotional damage and guilt that still affected them later in

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