Theme Of Alone By Edgar Allen Poe

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to lose your entire family? In the poem "Alone" written by Edgar Allan Poe, it tells a story about an adult looking back on his childhood. This poem is a real reflection of Poe’s life and experiences. When he was younger, he lost pretty much his entire family. His parents died when he was young and he was raised by a stern man who was angry about Poe writing poetry; as a result he became isolated and secluded. Poe was an American writer and is best known for his poetry and short stories.
The main themes in the poem are isolation and depression. Poet Daniel Hoffman believed "Alone" was evidence that "Poe really was a haunted man." The poem is dated March 17, 1829. In February of that year, Poe 's foster
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The rhyme doesn 't really affect the reader; but it helps the poem flow together nicely. The tone of the poem is gloomy and dark, reinforced by such words as sorrow, alone, stormy, thunder, and demon.
The poem is written in first person and the persona is dark and depressed. It gives a clear image of the meaning of the poem and the idea of being alone. In the line “From childhood’s hour” is a metaphor, which means from the moment he was born he was alone.
The technique imagery is used in the poem, such as the violent torrents and calm fountains, from red cliffs, the sun, lightning, thunder, and a cloud shaped like a demon. All together the imagery effect is presented to the readers, an image of Poe’s isolation. It also provides images of Mother Nature that Poe use to describe the things that shaped his life, the good things “fountain and the red cliff of the mountain” and the bad things “thunder and the storm.”
In the lines “I have not been, as others were; I have not seen, as others saw;” The ideas of being and seeing are repeated in order to highlight that these things, his personality and views, are the differences between Poe and other
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It shows that Poe’s isolation followed him from his younger days to the rest of his lonely life. In the end, despite the blue sky or the golden sun, Poe still finds a demon in his view. The demon is representing the demon of depression. He was born alone and would die alone. In general, the title represents how Poe has always been alone and isolated in his perception of life.
Isolation means you’re lonely or by yourself, separated from other things or people. If someone suffers from a sense of isolation, they feel somehow different from everyone else and alone. However Poe has not written the poem with a lot of grief or sadness, he is very straightforward about it, like it 's something he 's learned to deal with, or at least tolerate. But the reader definitely feels depressed when reading it, at least I do and this helps me to understand how it is for a young person to suffer

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