Theme In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery And The Destructor

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The Lottery and The Destructors
Vanda V. McCray
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“The Lottery” and “The Destructor” begin by telling the setting of each story. The purpose of the setting is to set the time and place in the story. It also plays a major role in the success of the story.
“The Lottery”-Shirley Jackson created a mood of happiness and peace at the beginning. For the readers, it created an image that it was just a regular warm summer day in a small town. Flowers were blooming and the people were just moving around as they normally did. It portrayed that it was around the time school was out, because it mentioned the children were out playing. When the time 10:00 a.m. arrived, all the folks begun to gather in the center of the
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The theme in “The Lottery” is that the small town depend upon tradition. It was centered on the lottery and holding on to the black box because this have always been a part of the tradition. If anyone talked about changing anything in anyway, the people of the town would become resistance in doing so.
As for “The Destructor” the theme was based on several different areas throughout the story. One being a class struggle or change. With Trevor “T”, as stated before, middle class family was forced to move to the area of Wormsley Commons due to financial reason. He knew that he would not be welcomed into the gang until he did something worthy. Trevor not only started the destruction of the house, but also burned Mr. Misery’s money. Another theme centered on the boy’s innocence. Trevor “T” loss his social status, and Blackie loss in general due to the war.
The comparison and contrast of the two stories are what makes the reader to continue to read.. They both were disturbing to a point that leads to evil and wrong doings to others regardless of how it may have affected others’ lives. The tone of the stories also gives the reader an unclear sense of what is going to happen next. At the beginning of the lottery, it gave the reader a sense of peace and calm. By the end of the story it resulted with violence. The Destructors readers, like myself, thought that it was going to just be based on the destruction caused by war. Not to the point that it was going to lead again to

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