Theme For English B By Langston Hughes Essay

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The poem "Theme for English B", by Langston Hughes is written in 1951, before the civil rights movement. Throughout the poem, Hughes is very nonchalant as he discusses the theme of racism as well as what it means to be "free". As he discusses race many think he is very "soft" when there was much to be angry about during this time period. I believe the poem is still very effective and the fact that he does not display anger makes it even more significant. Even though he is not angry, he does display other emotions throughout the piece because Langston Hughes writes in a unique style. He writes the poem as if it were a train of all the thoughts on paper; he uses his consciousness to his advantage. Instead of being resentful or angry, he uses his perception and awareness of the setting to demonstrate his true inner thoughts about the current time.

The poem starts off by introducing a quote said by the instructor. It states "go home and write a page tonight. And let that page come out of you—Then, it will be true." Hughes questions the simplicity of the assignment and wonders what it means to be "true". As he describes his surroundings, he states that he is the only colored student in his class. This is significant because it shows how Hughes is very attentive, he wonders what it means to be true and wonders if his race has anything to do with being true. Although it is said his voice is soft, the beginning of the poem exposes the fact that he 's confused about what is…

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