Theme For English B By Langston Hughes Essay

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The Harlem Renaissance was often referred to as the New Negro Movement; Langston Hughes, the author of “Theme for English B”, made a huge impact on African American lives everywhere with is work not only as a famous poet, but as a unique writer and playwright. Langston Hughes wrote “Theme for english B” in 1949. Inside of the poem Hughes has set a tone of indecision with the speakers identities that will convey the message of his poem. In the beginning of the poem we learn that the speaker has been given a paper to write, courtesy of his professor, the topic being the speaker himself. Then, the poet gives us a detailed description of where our speaker lives, which is Harlem New York, When the speaker arrives home we are able to read the paper that appears to be a man confronting his professors racism. However, with a deeper understanding the speaker only means to ask, so he himself can have a grasp on his surroundings. Knowing what you do not know is a difficult task, the poet only wishes to learn not demand, leading us to the theme of the poem; two can learn from each other no matter the race. “Theme for English B” is being spoken by a young colored man in his college class that is made of entirely white americans, including his professor. As of now, we naturally want to empathize with the man as he is confronted with racial differences between his peers. The situation is not only described as disorienting, the speaker also uses diction that can be indefinite as well;…

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