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Essay Title: Thematic Analysis of an interview on Friendship: A Quantitative report

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Thematic Analysis of an interview on Friendship: A Quantitative report
Marium Akhund
Middlesex University

Dr Hyland
April 19, 2012

Table of contents:
Abstract 3
Introduction 3
Study design/Methods 5
Findings 6 Initial codes 6 General themes 7
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473). A comparative study was conducted by Galupo (2007) to compare the close friendships women make between lesbians and bisexuals. Thematic analysis was used to analyze the interviews the researcher had with the participants.
The possible anticipated outcome of the present research is to gain a deeper understanding of the start of a friendship, its developments, and what factors contribute to this.

Study design/ Method
The participant for this study was a female undergraduate student from England.
Data elicitation:
The data was provided to the researcher by their program leader. The data was derived from one semi-structured interview on the subject of friendship. The data included a 15-minute video of the interview as well as the transcript of the interview.
Method of analysis:
At first the researcher read the transcript three times to familiarize themselves with the content. Next the researcher began their initial stage of coding. After this, they played the video and watched the interview once. Next, the replayed the video and read the transcript simultaneously. They repeated this step, however, they began more coding at this stage.
At the stage of initial coding, the researcher began to see some themes forming so they took note of these initial themes.

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