Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay

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Hurston’s Their Eyes were Watching God is about a black woman trying to find true love while being hindered by a variety of factors: nature, class differences and men, who oppress her the most. In fact, the main character, Janie, had two husbands which treated her poorly. Helping Janie to accomplish inner peace, Tea Cake, her exceptional third husband, allowed her to flourish into her own character. However, Janie would not have found Tea Cake had she not realized her lifelong goal under her Grandmother’s pear tree and chased that dream. It is when Janie realizes her dream under the pear tree that Hurston establishes that self-revelation is reached only by chasing dreams.
While Janie lies under the pear tree, she realizes her lifelong dream of true love. Finally figuring out the meaning of “marriage,” the pear tree gives Janie a “revelation” about what she wanted out of her life : true love equally felt between two participants (Hurston, 11). In this case, love reciprocated by two people is shown in their respect for each other and their allowing the other to flourish emotionally. Crucial to the plot of Their Eyes were Watching God, Janie realizing her dream is the catalyst which allows her to follow the path to self-revelation.
Janie obviously chased her newly found dream, as is evident by her struggles with Jody Starks. At first, she deserted her first husband, Logan Killicks, for Joseph Starks because he “spoke for far horizon,” meaning that he represented a new beginning…

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