Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay

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Jenny Youm
Their Eyes Were Watching God – Topic 2
American Literature
14 July 2014 While lying down underneath a blossoming pear tree, Janie notices a bee pollinating a pear blossom. She describes it as a sexual experience and imagines that would be what love and marriage would be like. The tree and the bee serve as important symbolism throughout the book. The pear tree represents a female whose sexual and emotional desires need to be fulfilled. The bee represents a male who gives those desires whether they are wanted or not. She ends up kissing a boy named Johnny Taylor due to being in the romantic pear tree daze. After Nanny scolds her for kissing a trifling youth, Janie tries her best to find the “true love” she has imagined since seeing the bee and the pear tree. The horizon represents the possibilities and dreams for Janie. She has a difficult time to reach her dreams. When she marries Logan Killicks, she does not catch a glimpse of the horizon at all – meaning she is nowhere near of fulfilling her wishes. However, when she sees Joe Starks for the first time, she feels that she has seen the glimpse of the horizon. Although the horizon stands for all of Janie’s dreams, the hurricane represents the chaos in nature - the total opposite from the pear tree and horizon. The hurricane is beyond anyone’s control. It destroys whatever it wants whenever it wants. It makes the characters wonder whether God is kind and caring or not. They start questioning themselves what…

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