Essay about Theft Of Identity Theft And Fraud

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Today is my 16th birthday. I have saved every last penny for several months for the brand new IPad my parents refused to purchase for me. I go into Apple, pick out the rose gold 64GB IPad and prepare to purchase my hard earned gift. I start daydreaming about all the new apps and music I can now download, finally something that is mine. Until…a team member comes in and says the one word I was not expecting, DENIED. How could it be denied? I know I have enough for this item I’ve been tracking my pay cheque for months. After some time-consuming effort, I realised the only explanation for the insufficient funds is that I have been a victim of identity theft.

Identity theft and fraud both interchangeable terms refer to the crime in which someone illegally obtains and uses an innocent person 's details such as their name, date of birth, address and any victim’s worst nightmare, their financial information. This is then used for economic gain, employment benefits or to deliberately make the victim live in constant fear. You would question one 's motive to do this but in reality, anyone has the capability to steal someone 's identity. Whether it’s the person watching over your shoulder as you type in your pin number or a social network user who sees that you have publically displayed your town, age or school, and just like that the nightmare can begin. This presentation will examine how identity thieves operate, the social and ethical implications of identity theft and…

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