Theatrical Outfit Analysis

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From September 8th to the 18th, the Theatrical Outfit and co-produced and performed the famous musical, In The Heights in downtown Atlanta. In The Heights is a Tony Award winning, Broadway, Hip-Hop musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda (the writer of Hamilton) about the lives of Latino people living in the barrio (neighborhood) of Washington Heights in New York City.
In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the theatres casted, produced and performed In the Heights, which sold out nearly every night for two weeks in downtown Atlanta and for six weeks in Lawrenceville, Georgia.
The Tony award-winning opening act, self-titled “In the Heights” was performed by the play’s protagonist Usnavi (Diego Klock-Pérez). Usnavi is the noble owner of the
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and Mrs. Rosario, Nina’s parents; Lilliangina Quiñones as Daniela, India S. Tyree as Carla, the gossiping girls who work at the salon with Vanessa; Christian Magby as Sonny, Usnavi’s cousin; Juan Carlos Unzueta as Piragua Guy; and a dynamic ensemble- Pytron Parker, Joshua Quinn, Amber Hamilton and Candace Mclellan to name a few.
Throughout the musical, the characters identify, celebrate and bring awareness to various themes withi Latino community such as nationality and pride, family and chasing the American dream and even social immobility and racial inequality along with the neighborhood Piragua guy played by Juan Carlos Unzueta.
Although the musical is based on the Latino experience of New York City, many of us can identify with the characters in the play. Former, Clark Atlanta University student, Tina Fear was the show’s Dance Captain and Ensemble member of the Theatrical Outfit production. Fears shared with us how the show impacted her.
Interviewer: As a black woman from Los Angeles, California how did you identify with a musical based on the lives of Latino people in New

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