Theater Is Not Just An Act Essay

1054 Words Nov 25th, 2016 5 Pages
Upon starting this course, theatre to me was just an act put on in a room for an audience. As I began this class, theatre became much more. I was able to understand that theatre is not just an act put on in a room for an audience, yet it is a well thought out production between directors and actors to ensure the audience is getting the best show possible from any angle in the theatre. Theatre also is a form of art and tells a story through acting, singing, and dancing in the background of ethics, culture, and/or morals. Throughout this semester, I was able to expand my knowledge of theatre and successfully comprehend the learning outcomes provided at the beginning of the semester by analyzing films, reading study guides, and configuring formal responses to discussion topics. Across this semester, I was able to assimilate the foundation of theatre while apprehending the specific details put into a theatre production. To help me better understand these topics were videos and either quizzes or discussion postings following the film to test my understanding of the specific film. A perfect illustration of demonstrating interpretive ability and cultural literacy can be seen in my response to western theatre productions. In these particular lines, “Western theatre practice originated from Greece with Athens being the root of the western theatre tradition… The directors of the performances from countries including Indonesia, China, and Africa, all films not…

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