The 's View On Society Essay example

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This quote intrigued me because the two had just met and Holmes was quite rude to her. This foreshadows how they treat each other later on in the story. Their relationship is going to be full of mockery of each other but yet full of love and support for one another. This reminds me of something I would say to my sister or something my dad would say to me. Their relationship could either resemble one of father and daughter or one of sister and brother.
This quote surprised me because as I kept reading Mary Russell wasn’t talking about bees anymore. She was talking about what she thinks society has become in her eyes. Her feministic view on society is something that I don’t fully agree with but I do not fully disagree. I agree because I think that women do a lot of work but I disagree because men do not “do little” in modern day society.
This quote is about perspective. It captivated my mind because if I were to do this, they would think I was crazy for talking to such a respected figure like this. One may see it as Mary Russell being curious to see if Holmes is really as good as everyone says. Another might say that Russell is urging and taunting him to see if his old mind is still as sharp as it used to be.
This quote implies that whatever Holmes does, he wins at. Whether it’s something as little as a staring contest or a case. This quote stood out because of how the eyes are portrayed. At first I thought that the brilliant blue was Holmes but in the end I was deceived.…

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