The 's View Of The Zande Essay

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It is important to establish the view of the Zande, the background behind their belief and how they were formulated. The Zande live in north central Africa with a concentration in Sudan of nearly half a million people with sources indicating a total Zande population to be nearly two million, the Zande have settled as craft workers in and around the lower Nile-Congo River gap.(, 2016)

As a distinct tribe in the heart of Africa, the Zande have encountered a fair share of adjustments to neighbours. Like numerous different encounters of incorporations, the Zande have seen trouble in framing collective set of ideals amongst its people. Death, illness and murder occurred over their history in focal Africa, yet the Zande clarify all these very differently. The Zande have believed since the beginning that “every death is due to witchcraft and must be avenged.”(Evans-Pritchard and Gilles, 1976, p.5)

Witchcraft, comprises of two aspects; namely, magic and sorcery. To any western grandchild, witchcraft is an entertaining word regularly connected with Halloween, however to the Zande, witchcraft is alive and thriving. The culture of the Zande at present and in the past could not have existed without witchcraft. The Zande explain witchcraft in the form of magic with either good or bad intentions. Sorcery, to the Zande is the use of magic with a deliberate intention to cause harm. With a basic tenant of witchcraft at the heart of the Zande belief, a long and bloody line…

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