The 's View Of The War Essay

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The author of the source, Gary Sheffield, believes that Germany was completely aware that, with their actions and decisions, they would be creating a major war. Sheffield uses case studies such as Germany’s alliance with Austria and the fact that Germany broke a French-Russian alliance to support his view. As well as this, Sheffield states that WWI was utterly and completely Germany’s fault as he states that Britain, Russia and France’s stance in the war was completely defensive, and so, they did not have any hand in the creation and/or development of the war, but only attempted to end the war. Sheffield’s view of the reasons for WWI is similar to that which the Triple Entente used to place the reparations of the war upon Germany in 1918. This viewpoint may be embraced to the extent that Germany knew their actions could lead to a war; however the complete blame may not be placed upon Germany as there were many other countries involved in the development of the war.

Alliances were formed between many European countries prior to WWI as a precaution if they were to ever become involved in a war or feud with another country. Each of these countries was looking out for themselves while making these pacts. These alliances were said to have been a major reason for the fast-paced development of the war as many countries which had no business in the war were forced to take part in the war. An example of this would be Germany’s alliance with Austria-Hungary, which was one of the…

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