The 's Theory Of The Gender Order Essay

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The definition of Connells’s theory of the gender order is “the way in which institutional structures (known as gender regimes) and individual identities intersect to produce the social arrangements that mean one gender can dominate another politically, socially and economically.”(Zajdow, 2011, p. 258). These structures consist of different factors that are not physical in nature. This essay will evaluate this theory and break it down into its components, these components are, but not limited to: patriarchy, different forms of masculinities (hegemonic and homosexual), femininity and gender inequality. Then finally it will be discussed with regards to the workplace and the validity of this theory.

Patriarchy is a form in which men are more dominant over women at a social, political and economic level. There are different levels of patriarchy; some are universal around the world (Machionis and Plummer, 2008, p. 269). Furthermore, Saudi Arabian men exert the most power over women than anywhere else in the world; however, Norway has the closest equality between men and women (Machionis and Plummer, 2008, p. 269). Patriarchy is a system in which men exploit and oppress women through masculine dominance; however, Patriarchal bias is dependent on the political or philosophical view of the writer (Zajdow, 2011, p. 258). “The word “patriarchy” itself means “rule of (or by) the father”” (Buchbinder, 2012, p. 66). Formal patriarchies are the form that a man is the father of his people…

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