The 's Theory Of Anomie Essay

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Emile Durkheim mentioned the term anomie in regards to some individuals of society which means that they were given to little to no morality support by society’s standards. Popular celebrities were the victims of anomie because they became the victims of their own fame. Individuals engaging in destructive behavior can encounter end results such as drug and alcohol dependency or even death.
Individuals tend to succumb to anomie more if routines are disrupted or they are little to know familial ties in which to keep them in check. This article tests the theory of anomie to see if the individuals involved are in deed suffering from it. “The present day study examined self reported alcohol consumption and anomie among three culturally diverse samples-American students from a southwestern university , international students from the same university, and students from a Western Australian university”( Hughes, S. P., & Dodder, R. A. (1985) and they measured the anomie by a specified scale and that in all studies they found the international students to have the highest anomie followed by the Australians then the Americans. But it was then that the American had the highest score mean wise than the Australians
Aside from illicit drug use alcohol can be a debilitating habit if kept up in a heavy regimen and can result in disease and even death. Aside from this common fact it seems this article is saying other wise in regards to anomie among the various students of different…

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