The 's The Distance Between Us And Cuadro 's City Of God Essay

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Catholicism glorifies and represents mothers as the main foundation of the family through the example of the passive and unconditional loving Mary, the mother of Jesus Crist. This idea of the mother as unconditional lover beings has been passed on and reproduced in the Chicana/o community. Gil Cuadros and Reyna Grande through their autobiographical work testify against this predominate idea of the mothers being caring and loving persons. Even though most mother fall into the norm of a normal mother, normality is subjective, therefore Cuadros and Grande’s work represent the complexities of reality. Grande’s The Distance Between Us and Cuadro’s City of God are autobiographical narratives that incorporate reality as a form of testimonial of existence, an act of healing and resilience. Given that these author’s life experiences can be different from the reader, they push the reader to question what they perceived as normal, while allowing the growth of empathy and solidarity between the audience and the writers. Grande’s Book One: Chapter 19 and Cuadro’s poem “At Risk” welcomes the reader into their vulnerable key periods of their life as a brave individual act of healing that can enable community healing.
In the poem “At Risk”, the poetic voice, Cuadros, as a person living with HIV/AIDS shares his intimate and vulnerable experience as a testimony of existence. The description of the clinic and his observations create a sense of artificiality and lack of induvial significance.…

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