Essay on The 's Speech At The Republican National Convention Of 1992

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Having watched Mary Fisher 's speech at the Republican National Convention of 1992, I noticed these characteristics related to her attempts to engage her audience, her comparison between herself and other inflected with the same disease, and her response to the "rhetorical situation. She used many elements of immediacy to capture her audience’s attention such as words and phrases strictly for allotting participation from the audience on a topic that was so controversial during its time. It is believed that the AIDs epidemic that killed, scared and caused illnesses to so many people originated in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the 1920s. This disease was created when HIV ultimately crossed species from chimpanzees to people. It wasn’t until the 1980’s when human life began to notice how many people had developed HIV, since there was not any visible signs during the transmission phase. Because of this fact, HIV became very scary to a world that knew so little about a disease that had turned into an epidemic so quickly. “A lot of people reacted with fear and came up with stories to back up their fear” ( This brash reaction caused many myths to accumulate within society. Some of these myths include believing AIDs was “caught” from infected mosquitos, drinking after people with AIDs and also by just being around people who were infected. Ms. Fishers elements of immediacy were very productive in capturing the audiences’ attention. She starts her…

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