Essay about The 's Should Be Legalized

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Dope or Nope? When people hear Tyson Gay, Aaron Rodriguez, and Lance Armstrong, they think of them & some of the titles that were stripped for the illegal use of performance enhancing drugs (Nolan). Performance enhancing drugs (PED) are steroids that one can take to boost performance and training. It acts as, let 's say a pain killer with a muscle strengthener. As sports progress the PED’s continue to evolve to become better for the user’s short term use. A user can apply these drugs in many different ways, there are shots, pills, creams and more. All of these athletes could have gotten away with it, if PEDs were legalized. For many years this debate has gone on, yet we have not found a viable solution to the problem that would benefit everyone with an outcome that is positive. Although many people think that PED’s should be legalized, it would be a wrong decision in the world of sports, mainly because it affects users and athletes, influences young athletes negatively and in the future could make sports very boring. The legalization of PED’s would affect users and athletes of all ages, tolerance, and body structure. The effect of the drugs could positively or negatively affect an athlete, depending on if you are looking short term or long term. What this means is whether you are wanting to know what the PED’s will do in 2 days or in 2 years. When someone looks at the effects of short term use of PED’s it is all positive outcomes that they can see. Short term use…

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