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Do you want to get frightened? Do you like that adrenaline rush of running through

unknown places with monsters jumping out of the darkness? Do you like spooky music,

walkways full of fog, and gruesome sights? If you answered YES to any of these questions,

then you must make your way to Knott’s Scary Farm this month!

I (Jennifer, Director of Marketing) had the pleasure of joining our Disney Insider,

OnTheGoOc, for the Opening Night Press Event! I have been to Knott’s Scary Farm twice in

the past, but this visit was much different than before. Being with the infamous bloggers,

journalist, and press professional, I was treated like VIP all night. We first picked up our

press packets which included our tickets, fast pass tickets that they call FRIGHT LANE

Passes, our Skeleton Keys which were for a secret room in five select mazes, and some cool

collector cards that gave insight to the Green Witch and her Deadly 7 Crew that haunts

throughout the park.

We then made our way to a fully catered meal with thoughtful details to each and every

part of dinner. I am a sucker for sweets and I jumped in joy when I saw these Frankenstein

heads that looked almost too good to eat. Note ‘almost’. I had to try the delicious light

mousse that was placed inside the hollow chocolate head with berries atop. It was too good

to be true.

The food and drinks were so good, but I had so much anticipation to get to the main

attraction, the eleven mazes! Yes, eleven mazes, the most of any…

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