The 's Rebirth Into New And Fuller Life Essay

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Concluding with Narnia’s rebirth into new and fuller life, The Last Battle necessarily engages with themes of judgement, salvation, and eternity. C. S. Lewis closes his chronicle with Narnia perfectly realized in eternity, where all of its heroes rejoice in Aslan’s presence. Delving deep into theology, Lewis undergirds his events and imagery with powerfully coherent message about salvation. Lewis’s vision of the final judgement reflects a distinctly Catholic theology through its communication of God’s saving power, human will, Divine judgement. Lewis communicates the saving power of God through his inclusion in the new Narnia of those who did not know Aslan before their judgement. The most notable of these is the calormene, Emeth, who embodies those of pagan faith. The Catholic Church teaches that there is no salvation outside of it, but accepts and rejoices in the fact that God may bring someone to faith in Him in ways beyond the human capacity to do so. Emeth’s encounter with Aslan reflects this teaching. While he perceives the new Narnia’s beauty around him, Emeth cannot partake and is “like a man in a trance” until he encounters Aslan (). Through Aslan, Emeth is made a Narnian and can then join his fellows in the enjoyment of their reward. This event embodies the Church’s teaching that “every man who is ignorant of the Gospel of Christ and of his Church, but seeks the truth and does the will of God in accordance with his understanding of it, can be saved” ().…

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