The 's Personality Theory Of A Person 's Life Essays

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Based on Jung’s personality theory, people are conceived with predispositions due to the racial and cultural history of their ancestors (Hall & Gardner, 1957). These inclinations help in guiding future behaviors and are altered based on different experiences that a person may encounter. Therefore, people are born as wholes or at least partially complete with regards to their personality, yet this wholeness is something that an individual has to work on for the duration of their life since it isn’t expressed as soon as the person is born. In other words, no one is born set and stone with a clear mindset of how their life is going to go. Therefore, this wholeness is something that grows and develops as an individual grows throughout life. A person’s life consists of trying to become complete and at the end this wholeness will form into self-realization which will prompt individuation. Every individual is exceptional and this uniqueness expressed as part of their personality depends on both past encounters-which refers to racial and cultural ancestral behaviors that are passed down- and future encounters – which relates to the self-realization that a man is living to accomplish. According to Hall and Gardner (1957), “Man 's behavior is conditioned not only by his individual and racial history but also by his aims and aspirations” (pp.78). Life is like an ongoing roller coaster which begins to turn from past experiences and keeps on turning as the person construct their…

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