The 's Motivation From Outside Forces Essay

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1) According to Erikson, Betty is externally motivated, meaning she gets her motivation from outside forces. Betty was externally motivated in both childhood and adulthood. She was externally motivated in childhood because her parents showed their disappointment about her low grades as well as forbidding her from going to co-ed dances. This caused Betty to have a dependent lifestyle, allowing everyone to tell her what to do and not fighting back if she did not agree with it. In adulthood, Betty only went to college because everyone else was and only went to work because she was not yet married. Betty does what everyone else tells her to do or what everyone else is doing because she is motivated by outside forces and the desire to fit in with the “norm.” Bettys system of personality is her ego-identity, according to Erikson ego-identity is how a person determines who they are and what they aspire to do with their lives. Betty relies on other people and social standards to motivate her thus making her ego impaired.
2) The fourth stage of psychosocial development is “industry verses inferiority.” According to Erikson, in this stage children begin feeling confident in their abilities to live and thrive, they also begin to feel out their self worth in society. The style of personality Betty fits into is “inferiority.” Betty did not resolve this stage well because she sees herself in a negative light, referring to herself as a “plain Jane” in college and being looked down upon by…

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