The 's Main Thesis Is On The Idea Of Icons Of Americ Woodrow Wilson And Helen Keller

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In Chapter 1, Loewen 's main thesis is on the idea of Heroification in American History textbooks. This is the process of making people seem like flawless heroes in order to preserve their image in the eyes of others. This is especially done with historic figures; textbooks mask all of their "unpleasant traits", thinking that it may keep readers more ignorant and more importantly, patriotic. Loewen 's argues that, in reality, this ignorance is what makes teenage students hate history class and call it boring. He points out two people in particular who have been idolized as icons of America: Woodrow Wilson and Helen Keller. According to critic Norma Gabler, textbooks are supposed to "present our nations patriots in a way that should honor and respect them." Keller 's socialism and Wilson 's racism would hardly do so. Even though she was barely mentioned in the textbooks Loewen surveyed, Keller was always held up as an ideal and never really a person. It 's always "Oh look how amazing she was, writing and riding a bike while blind and deaf!", but no one ever hears about her political and moral opinions which were a big part of who Keller was for most of her life. Her open praise of the new communist nation in Russia made her one of the most notoriously famous women in America but textbooks make no mention of this. Her beliefs that the class system is what controls people 's opportunities and abilities, her campaigns for women 's suffrage, all went unmentioned in most…

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