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Nina’s long term goal is to educate and bring awareness to pet owners about spaying and neutering pets because pets reproduce too quickly and most of them eventually do not have a home. Her values and beliefs are to always do the right thing, do your best, and always give 110%, whether you are the president or a custodian. Her parents and friends have some common beliefs, such as always doing the right thing, but some disagree with her opinion on the spaying and neutering of animals because it is not natural. She has reached full identity achievement according to Marcia’s identity statuses because she feels secure in who she is as a person and can think for herself. Nina had a good sense of identity early in her lifespan because she has always fought for animals’ rights, even when her mother and others did not approve.

If the individual is an adult, ask how important it is to leave something behind for the next generation, to pass along his or her knowledge, skills, and accomplishments to younger people. Also ask the individual whether he or she tries to do things that make a difference in the community or in the lives of others. Based on his or her responses, decide how much generative concern the individual demonstrates (see pages 367-369). If the individual is in middle or late adulthood, decide if he or she has achieved a good sense of generativity and avoided stagnation in Erikson’s theory.

Nina believes it is important to leave something behind for the next…

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